Culinary School Here I Come (81) T – 3 Weeks, Aipono Awards & Seafood Lasagne

3 weeks left to go. 1 final down, 1 more to go. Next week is our final Baking competition. That should be interesting and ultimately, fun. I have a catering project due for Purchasing class and I have my portfolio due for my Work Practicum class. Things are winding down.

Chef Kyle is presenting his appetizers at the Aipono Awards reception. The restaurant industry gets together to “dish out” awards for the community like best new restaurant, best wine list, chef of the year, etc. Here are more photos of the event.

As the evening progressed, the lighting got worse so these are all the photos that I got. Last year, I worked the event. This year I was a guest because I was awarded a $1000 scholarship (along with 5 other students) from the Maui Hotel and Lodging Association. I got to eat all these luscious treats. Our baking class worked on the dessert. Here are some elves getting them ready for service.

We started practicing for our competition. We tested a batch of carrot cake.

We are hoping to get more practice in this week. We’ve committed to a Cream Cheese Semifreddo so we gotta work on that. We also have to prefect our Carrot Sherbert and Carrot Mousse, let alone our tuile. Oh my!

I felt like I was back in kindergarten (there was no such thing as preschool in my day). We made marzipan animals. That was my bird.

Not bad for us being in Baking class and not Ceramics!

We went on a field trip to a food distributor. It was pretty interesting and it was a massive structure.

The scale of this place was massive and very cold. The refrigeration was intense and the freezer was undescribable.

Friday was my last day at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. I was doing my extern hours there. If you ever want to get a job, start out as an unpaid extern. That would be the best piece of advice that I could give to a fledgeling culinary student. I was not formally offered a position there but if I was interested I could be working there. I like the place and would consider something part time or on a casual basis.

I also had some friends over for dinner and as usual, I pulled out all the stops. I served my usuals; Carrot Ginger Soup and Beet and Arugula Salad with Balsamic Reduction. I served a new dish that I really like a lot. I call it my Seafood Lasagne with Crab and Mushroom Cream Sauce.

The next time I serve this I need to lighten up on the mushrooms. The layers are a seafood mousselline with fish, shrimp, lobster and crab. It’s layered between fresh lemon and cracked black pepper pasta. Then topped with a mushroom, vermouth & cream sauce and garnished with crab meat. It was awesome!

My new favorite sorbet, Basil and Lemon.

Roulade of Salmon & Lobster with Miso Soy Glaze, Shiitake Mushroom and Kabocha Squash Risotto. I worried that there was no sauce, but none was needed. I closed with my usual Chocolate Lava Cake with Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ice Cream, Mocha & Dark Chocolate Mousse and Creme Chantilly & Raspberry Sauce. Always a show stopper.

I’ve been itching to get back into real estate. I have been working with a client this past week on purchasing a house here. It seems like the market is picking up…at least for me it is. In 3 short weeks I’ll be a graduate and will have my days free again.


About tinfoilduck

I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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3 Responses to Culinary School Here I Come (81) T – 3 Weeks, Aipono Awards & Seafood Lasagne

  1. sierralei says:

    what an amazing set of pictures! i loved the marzipan bird! and that sorbet! goodness gracious, now i’m hungry!

  2. tinfoilduck says:

    Thanks for reading. The bird was quite easy to make and so was the sorbet. The best investment you can make is a cuisineart 2 qt ice cream maker on amazon for $64.

  3. steveaw says:

    such a wide variety of topics & areas covered! always love the pics & reports!

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