Culinary School Here I Come (79) Unmotivation an iPhone & Misc. Stuff at School

I’ve been so unmotivated to write lately. I’m thinking that because I’m so ready to graduate, my mind is so not there any more.  I did write a blog but never posted it so I’ll tack that one on to this one and call it a day.

In Advanced Baking class, we are working on plated desserts and the class is executing a plated dessert for 325 in a few weeks so we are beginning to bake off things and getting ready. Pistachio financier anyone? What makes a financier a financier is the use of brown butter.

We also piped some pate a choux for a lattice decor.

Let’s not forget the chocolate mousse with caramel center.

We will be working on more components and I will have a final plate up for you next week. We are also working on our plated desserts for our final practical. My partner and I are presenting Carrot Cake Two Ways. Classic and modern to be exact. More to come.

I had some friends over for dinner. I was able to take a few shots bot not of everything. I made an amazing Basil Lemon Sorbet as an intermezzo. I started with my usual Carrot Ginger Soup with Curried Tofu.

I also served an earthy Pahole Fern and Cherry Tomato salad with Lemon & Dijon Vinaigrette.

The entree was Braised Short Ribs, Grilled Shrimp, Roasted Asparagus and Creamy Mushroom Polenta.

No photos of the Intermezzo nor of the fabulous dessert. Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ice Cream (home made) with Raspberry Sauce and Creme Chantilly. Dinner was pretty good and because I started prepping a few days earlier, pretty easy.

Now here is the part from last week.

I was having the hardest time writing a blog for this past week. We did go on a field trip to an ice cream manufacturing plant, however, I wasn’t able to take any photos so I won’t be reporting on it. There was another field trip scheduled for Friday that was canceled and we really didn’t do much other than make a few sugar tuiles in baking class so I was going to let this week slip by and relax into my spring break….that is until facebook was ablaze about a bad car wreck Upcountry with 5 people dead. That’s big news here.  Our traffic death rate at the same time last year was 3. We just clocked in at 10. What was even more disturbing was that I was hearing that a couple of the culinary students were involved and had been 2 of the 5. Mind you, there are approximately 225 students in the program so at this point I had no idea who it was.

Funny thing about mortality. If you don’t know, I’ll be 53 in a few weeks. Every so often I begin to think about how much longer I’ll be around. I keep settling on a number around 80 or so if I’m lucky. What that means is that I’ll be around roughly 25 more years. If you think about it, 25 years ain’t a long time. It seems like the past 25 years just flew by. My point is that life is/can be short so make the best time of it. If you are not with the person you want to be with, then leave and find that person. If you are not doing the kind of work that you want to do, then take the steps necessary to get to the kind of work that you do want to do. If you don’t like where you live, then find a place that you would like to be. 5 years ago, I was a successful realtor in Los Angeles. I had enough business that I lived a comfortable life. One day, an associate in my office was diagnosed with mesothilioma, which is a type of lung cancer usually caused by inhalation of asbestos. He seemed in perfectly good condition at the time and he decided to undergo a radical procedure. He went into the hospital, came out a few days later and passed the following day. I really like him because he was a nice guy but also because he spent the whole month of August on one of the islands in Hawaii. I was never able to spend that much time while vacationing because of work and pet responsibilities. He could and did. I ran into another associated a few days after his service who said that he, Tony was planning to retire but it was always next year or the year after that. He worked so hard and never got to enjoy a relaxing life. A few months later another associate from my firm had a heart attack and died. He was about my age or a little older. At that point I decided that it was time for me to slow down and do what I wanted to do….get the hell outa LA and move back to Maui. Here I am, living the life that I always wanted to live. I though I’d be retired but I can’t slow down so I’m in culinary school.

On a little bit of a lighter note…I finally traded my dumb phone for a smart phone but please, don’t anyone call or text because I don’t know what to do our how to answer it. Well that was yesterday. I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to make calls, send and receive texts and I actually took a photo. I’ll be working on getting some apps and watching as many video tutorials as I can. It’s really cool and heavier than I thought it would be. I didn’t get a case yet but I did order one online. I have been putting it in an old sock when I carry it in my bag or back pack. Kind of like a crazy homeless man. It does serve it’s purpose. Life’s too short to live without an iPhone!

This is where I ended. I feel better now that I’ve finally completed this. It’s just a matter of checking things off your to-do list.

I discovered pre-made tart shells. They use them at the resort. Now I’ve got to find out where I can get them retail here. They are magic.

One last thing. Over the vacation I became a surrogate mother to a tiny dove chick. I only kept him/her for a couple of days. I wasn’t able to get the feeding down but I tried. There is a special bird formula that you deposit in its mouth via a syringe.

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I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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2 Responses to Culinary School Here I Come (79) Unmotivation an iPhone & Misc. Stuff at School

  1. steveaw says:

    so many topics covered: curried tofu, iphones, death & a dove. now that’s takes the chocolate lava cake 4 sure!

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