Culinary School Here I Come (77) Blue Cheese Ice Cream, Frozen Entremets & Crack in the Bake Shop!

Well not really crack but as close to crack as can be for me. Pistachio paste and also Hazelnut paste, these two pastes when used in anything is addictive and deadly delicious.  I’d have a pistachio paste and jelly sandwich as my last meal followed by a hazelnut torte anytime.

I’ve been wanting to make some blue cheese ice cream for a while. I asked people what were their thought of the combination and it was pretty much a “are you serious.” I used my Cuisineart recipe book for the base but I tweaked it a bit to experiment to see what an invert type syrup would do to the base. I reduced the amount of sugar and added about 2 tbsps. of Karo.

The Karo did add some body to the base, especially after I aged it for a few days. It was twice as thick as other bases I used. The spinning time was actually cut in half. I simmered some Bosc pear dice in simple syrup and star anise, let it age as well, then began the spinning. A few minutes before it was done, I added the drained pears and Maytag Blue Cheese crumbles. Sorry, no pics. I took it in to school the following day for comments. The reviews were mixed. The younger kids hated it. The older instructors loved it. A good suggestion was to serve it as an accompaniment to a cheese platter with a short dough crisp. I had mixed feelings about it until I ate a bit a few days later. It had time to mellow out and was really tasty. Not sure if I’d do it again but now I know how to augment a cheese platter.

For an event the Garde Manger class was producing, one of the items was a sous-vide rack of lamb. Who knew that you could caramelize a rack before sous-vide with a blow torch? I knew I wanted to invest in one for Brulee but for a rack, yippee. Now it’s off to Costco for the home sous-vide kit. You have to get the char on it before it goes in the bag or else you got some sad looking meat. Doing it after will only dry the meat out or it may fall apart.

Where’s Waldo? Try to find him in this sugar showpiece from Chef Cheech.

We also assembled our frozen entremets. Our concept was carrot cake.

The outer layer is a Carrot Gelato.

Sorbet syrup + pineapple puree = awesome pineapple sorbet for our middle layer.

The sorbet should be on the loose side so it can be piped in, then the inset is laid in. Our inset is cream cheese semifreddo.

The base is a traditional carrot cake and is place on it, then frozen. Next week we will unmold and decorate.

I’m enjoying my externship at the resort. I’m becoming more familiar with the set up. Like stumbling upon its chocolate stash.

If only these bars were a little smaller, it would be easier to sneak a taste. I’ve never seen this brand before, Callebaut, so I did a little research. It’s the worlds largest chocolate manufacturing company and was formed as a merger between Belgian chocolatier, Callebaut and French chocolatier, Cacao Barry. I did manage to eek out a taste last week as I was chopping the whole 11 pound bar out for ganache. It was pretty good.

I also spent a good part of the day replating desserts for Friday and Sunday nights buffet. Someone forgot that the presentation was going to change and had set it up the old way. Just an hour of wasted time. But what really puzzles me is why are they plating up desserts for Sunday on Friday afternoon.

I’ve got a Baking mid-term and a purchasing quiz next week then it’s Spring Break. I need this vacation to start working on yet another project for school. When will this end! Oh yeah, in about 7 weeks.  Peace, out.

About tinfoilduck

I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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6 Responses to Culinary School Here I Come (77) Blue Cheese Ice Cream, Frozen Entremets & Crack in the Bake Shop!

  1. steveaw says:

    more awesome & daring taste combos & adventures! nice job duck!

  2. Tom Lelli says:

    it never ends…chef T

  3. Sara T says:

    Love the blue cheese ice cream idea! I made some buffalo cupcakes with blue cheese frosting for a super bowl party and they were a hit with my boyfriend and me (adventurous eaters) and a major bomb with everybody else. I imagine that my frosting and your ice cream were just misunderstood by the skeptics!


    • tinfoilduck says:

      Thanks for reading, Sara. Yes, we are ahead of the times and ahead of trends. I joked with my classmates that they will remember this moment when one of the top dessert items of 2014 is Blue cheese ice cream! I’m sure your frosting tasted wonderful.

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