Culinary School Here I Come (32) 2nd Semester Week 7, Pacific Rim Again & The Loco Moco

Being in the front of the house again brings back all kinds of memories and terminology. Some new terms include; “in the weeds” means to be behind and on the verge of losing it, “low tide” means that water or iced tea glasses need to be refilled and “campers” mean that a table doesn’t want to leave….with that in mind, I have used all of these terms in a scenario. Those campers took so long to leave that when they did leave, I was in the weeds with all of my tables being in low tide.

The world famous Loco Moco

…is Hawaii’s original fast food. It is unique to Hawaii and considered a comfort food. The Loco Moco was never served in upscale eateries….until now. The basics of the dish consists of a mountainous heap of steamed white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, a sunnyside up egg and smothered in gravy. As you eat, break the egg, then blend the burger, egg, rice and gravy on your fork for each bite of the taste of paradise.

The Class Act version of the Loco Moco is a Hoisin braised short rib on Hamakua Farms Mushroom Risotto and a Sous Vide Egg all topped with a Red Wine Demi-Glace.

Local lore says that the Loco Moco was created around 1949, in the town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. The dish was created for teenagers who wanted something different from the typical American sandwiches or less time consuming to eat than Asian food. The nickname of the first boy to eat it was “Loco” and Moco rhymed with it and hence a tradition was born.

Our Pacific Rim Influenced menu included some additional items:

Deconstructed Ox Tail Soup – Ox Tail Consomme with an Ox Tail Ravioli and Cilantro Ginger Caviar. (I will get into the caviar in more detail when I’m in the kitchen segment.

Lilikoi Sorbet – Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for Passion Fruit. The black dots on the top are actually Lilikoi seeds, which are eatable. Nothing cleans the palate better!

I have been craving a Japanese dish that I last had many years ago. It’s called Nishime. It’s a root vegetable stew made with a bunch of unusual ingredients.

Some unusual ingredients include; konbu – sea kelp soaked and boiled, then tied into knots, aburage – deep fried tofu, gobo- the root of the burdock family, konnyaku – is a firm, jelly like product that absorbs the flavor of what it’s cooked in. Add some chicken, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, daikon and carrots. These ingredients all combine to make a stew that is subtle in flavor yet delicious.

Fortunately for me, I made so much that I’ll be eating Nishime for a week!

Next week is our final week in the front of the house…Woohoo! It’s Italian Week. On the menu Proscuitto con fichi al Forno, Caprese Martini, Pasta a la Funghi and Spiedini alla Romagnola.


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I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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