Culinary School Here I Come (19) Week 10, Hmm Stumped for Words.

I’ve never been in the position of not being inspired to write a blog. I’ll have to think a while more. Maybe I will get back to a little about my background since I haven’t filled you in on that for a while. Last I wrote, I had been cut at the very end for the Michael Jackson Captain Eo 3D video for the Disneyland attraction. I wasn’t going to my next audition that I had lined up. It was to be a backup dancer for the 80’s tv show FAME. I did decide early in the morning to head out to Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio out in the Valley. Long story short, I made all the cuts until the very end again, where I was cut. Drats, 2 days in a row and 2 cuts at the very end. Don’t know which is worse, getting cut at first or at the end. So I slogged my way back home and sulked for a while. A few day later I got a call from an assistant to the producer who told me that they decided to hire me for the gig. What! A steady job. It meant that I had a guarantee of 22 episodes working a minimum of 3 days per episode. Now for a dancer, to get a permanent gig like that, was like you won the lottery. I had been in LA all of 4 months and I had booked a couple of videos already and now I booked FAME. Woohoo. More to come.

The Noble Chef Fundraiser for the Maui Culinary Academy was held on Friday. It was held at the Fairmont Kea Lani and the price was $150 per plate. It was a 5 course extravaganza. Celebrity Chefs from all over the state participated in the dinner with our Chef instructors providing the pupu’s (appetizers). All students were require to participate to a certain extent at the event. I was going to use the event as a vehicle to introduce myself to the culinary world and the patrons thereof. I had signed up to be at the reception table and to be an auction spotter. Plans changed and  I was pulled to work in the “wine pit”. I ended up opening almost 300 bottles of wine. My forearms hurt for days (even now as I type). I was stuck in the kitchen area all night and had no opportunity to sneak any kind of appetizer let alone a dinner. So, I have nothing to report as to the event itself as I was backstage for everything. To top things off, as I was loading up all the unused liquor, I squatted to pick a case up and my pants split. What a night!

Our final project for this module is called “Student Day”. That means that the students are divided up into groups and each group has to design a menu to be sold for the day. There are 4 groups so 2 groups will sell their dishes on one day and the remaining 2 will sell theirs the next day. It’s kind of like a friendly competition to see who can sell the most covers. We are required to have an appetizer or dessert, a salad, a sandwich and an entree with a protein, starch and vegetable. Each group has a leader (me for my group). There should be some kind of underlying theme to the food…sort of like a spring or fall collection couture collection! We (I) decided that our theme will be that all of our dishes will be grilled. Sounds simple but you will see next week that we are offering some unusual options in each category (yes, a grilled dessert.) Can’t wait to fill you in on the results next week. I’ve had sleepless nights contemplating all the potential problems that may come up.  Can’t wait till it’s done.


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I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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