Culinary School, Here I come (4)

The countdown begins.  23 days till culinary school begins.

Something has changed since we hit the month of August.  It’s feeling a bit more real. As I mentioned before, I am a real estate agent. I have also moved back home to Maui so I figured that it would take a while for my real estate career to ramp up. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve obtained 2 new listings so I have been working on that. I have my first open house tomorrow. I also have 3 buyer clients coming in to look at property at the end of August…..just as school begins. I’ve sat twiddling my thumbs for the past 4 months and now I’m going to school, everyone seems to want my service….figures.

The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills was my last waiting gig.

In anticipation of a busy few months, I have begun my reading. I’m into my Restaurant Management book by 283 pages. I’ve learned some interesting facts. Before I sold real estate and was a dancer, I waited tables for many years. I worked at Stuart Anderson’s Cattle Company at the Ward Warehouse on Oahu. I also worked as a banquet server for many hotels. My last waiting gig was at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. What a poorly planned banquet facility that was. What reminded me of the Peninsula was the chapter on restaurant design. At the Peninsula, the banquet rooms were on the 3rd floor but the table storage was in the garage, on the 1st floor. After every event, if there wasn’t another one, all the tables were taken down to storage. What makes this ludicrous is that the hotel was build from scratch and had just opened. I think they had not counted on providing banquet service. Anyway, there was no celebrity sightings when I worked there.

Back to me and my dance background. So, after 3 months in LA, I auditioned for Michael Jackson’s Captain Eo 3D video for Disneyland. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t drive at the time so I bussed it everywhere. Most of the auditions were held in the San Fernando Valley so that required 2 transfers to and from. So the audition turned out to be an all day extravaganza. After passing through several cuts, I made it to the final cut. It was about 8PM.  I was tired, cranky and hungry. We were all in the final line up and guess what? I was cut. Oh crap. I was not happy and especially not happy having to take the bus home. So much for my lucky streak. So I packed up and picked up my dance bag, my dignity and I was out of there.

to be continued….

About tinfoilduck

I had this wacky idea to go to culinary school, while maintaining another full time career. I will be blogging about the program and how it affects me as I try to manage my daily life and how I try to keep everything together.
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